Friday, February 20, 2009

Sybil : Part Two...

If you want to be thoroughly freaked out (I mean, scare the frickin' pants right off ya, clutch your teddy bear, suck your thumb, hide under the covers, sleep with the lights on freaked out), watch Sybil. It is the most disturbing film you may ever see. If I may ask, WHY then did they remake it? I'm sitting there, watching The Golden Girls on Lifetime, and what comes on during the adverts? A commercial for the new Sybil. Wasn't it freaky enough the FIRST time? Wasn't the BOOK enough for 'em?
Apparently not, since they've already done it.
Now I get to watch Sybil ads until the damn thing airs. Yippee skip.

Well, this was a depressing topic, let's change the subject.

How'sa 'bout them llamas?

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