Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Time For Another......

"What in bloody blazes are these people thinking?!"
Today, I bring you another eBay listing.
This time, they want to you play "Name That Turtle!"

The sad part, is that A) this thing has TWO bids from the same person! He upped his bid just so he wouldn't miss out! And B) it's got a reserve. I mean, what moron is stupid enough to put a reserve on an auction this dumb? They had to pay listing fees for this mindless drivel! And then, they got some idiot that would actually buy it, but now they won't even get a little bit of the useless expense back, all because of a silly reserve. (???)
Let's all shake our heads in unison, and we'll ponder why certain people are polluting proper air (for those who could use it) by just breathing in and out.

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