Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's So Hard (Cement, I Mean)...

Daddy had to make a little business detour (it was just thirty miles away, so it wasn't actually a business trip) today, so our little family hopped in the van, and headed to Dalhart!
Our destination was the county courthouse, which is where my funny story comes in.

You'll notice there's a little area on the left hand side of the building, close to the ground... that's an entrance to the courthouse. I was helping tote random bags of junk in, down the steep stairs. Now, as anyone who is near-sighted will know, it's not easy to look down while wearing your Rx glasses (can you see where this is going?)... well, taking that into account, I thought I was on the last stair down, but there wasn't anything under my expectant toes, so I fell... hard... on the knee I cracked seven years ago (in the Atlantic Ocean, Coco Beach, Florida... and the NEXT DAY, I walked Disneyworld without any painkillers to boot).
For those of you feigning concern, it's well and proper swollen, and a bit sore, but I'll survive. ;-)
Anyway, we saw the Court Room, the Grand Jury meeting room, and some other various offices, and afterward, we headed across the street to the XIT Ranch Museum.

If you're ever in the area, it's a fun little stop (it took us about an hour, but we examine everything with a fine tooth comb, so it would probably only take a half hour for normal people), especially since it's FREE!
We had a lot of fun, and we were only gone a few hours!
Now, while I'm tending to my various injuries, enjoy the song that inspired this blog's title, It's So Hard, written and preformed by John Lennon.

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