Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Need A Fangirl Moment...

I have had a soft spot in my heart for Chris Harrison (best known as the host of The Bachelor) since the late 90's, when his biggest gig was Designer's Challenge on HGTV. (He's moved up since then, hasn't he?)
I've watched all but 1 season of The Bachelor (the one with the fisherman, more recently on TMZ for getting beat up by his fiancee from the show... oh, the irony) JUST because Chris Harrison is the host, although, over the years, I've come to enjoy it just like the rest of the reality-TV-watching nation. (I've always loved Designer's Challenge, so it's really just a bonus he hosted that, too.)
I check my email this morning to find that my dear mother has sent me something, titled in all caps "CHRIS HARRISON", followed by 50 exclamation points (yes, I had the time to count them, does that make me pathetic? If not, this blog post does).
I am very happy to report he's started a blog! YAY! The more Chris Harrison, the better!
Really, I'm just making this post so that I can find the link easily, since it will inevitably get lost in my bookmarks, but if anybody else cares to read it, it's right here!

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