Friday, May 1, 2009

Five States Later...

I'm sitting in a hotel room, after uploading some of my videos, and I'm plum tuckered!
These first two days have mostly been driving, but we've seen some interesting things along the way.
1 - We crossed the Mississippi River (again).
2 - In Tennessee we found out rain can fall straight down. (And that worms crawl out of the soil so they won't drown...)
3 - We passed through a sizable portion of the Smokey Mountains.
4 - We also went through a slice of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
5 - We saw one of the two covered bridges remaining in the state of North Carolina.
And now we're here, in Williamsburg, Virginia! (York County, to be specific... established 1634!) We'll be going to Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow, then into Jamestown for some sight seeing there, before we head off to DC.
I plan on uploading some video soon, and I might decide to share... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
It's a long day ahead tomorrow, so you shall be spared from a strange video... consider yourself lucky!

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