Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three Out Of Three Tourists...

Quite a lot has happened since I last did a post here. Admittedly, this is the first opportunity I've had to write a blog, since we've had nothing but late nights since then.
Firstly, as I said to my sister before we went, Colonial Williamsburg truly IS a tourist trap. I'm on the verge of not recommending it to anybody if they asked. It was interesting, and I'm sort of glad I went, but I certainly wouldn't like to go again.
On Sunday, we visited both Monticello (which had beautiful gardens, but the home was rather run down), and Montpelier (where I was asked to read the first six words of the Constitution in the very room President Madison wrote them) before driving into Alexandria (where our hotel is... about ten miles from DC).
We caught our first glimpse of Washington early Monday morning, our destination, being The Castle at The Smithsonian Institute, and we spent the afternoon in The National Museum Of American History (where we met Kermit the Frog AND Oscar the Grouch), and The National Air And Space Museum (where we saw the original Kitty Hawk!).
Today (Tuesday), we spent the entire afternoon at Mount Vernon, where we took a Potomac River cruise (a highlight of our trip!), and, of course, saw the beautiful mansion. Since everything closes around five o'clock around here, we're going to the monuments at night. This evening, we hit the Jefferson Memorial (which is HUGE), and, one that we had never known existed until this very night, the FDR Memorial (yes, they have one), which, I must say, was the most beautiful memorial I've ever seen. I shall rave of it for ages.
Tomorrow (Wednesday), we have a scheduled tour of The Capitol Building, and we plan on having lunch at President Obama's favorite eatery in the District, Ben's Chili Bowl (and I'm hoping to get a slice of the sweet potatoe cake, it sounds scrumptious!), located on U Avenue.
Why, you may ask, do I mention the street name? Well, ever since I heard where it was, I've been singing this song, which I shall leave you with until I can give a slight update (since this post was just to cover the highlights of each stop!) on our whereabouts...

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