Friday, February 5, 2010

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine...

Who here is familiar with the self-titled "The Beatles" album (AKA, The White Album Of Effing Awesomeness... yes, I added to it a little bit, but you get the point)?
Yes, yes you are. (If you aren't I suggest you go back and read the boring drivel on both the stereo and mono remasters I have written on this amazingnessness in past posts.)
Now that we have established ourselves on the musical part of the evening, how are we on the comedy side? Who here is also familiar with Pearls Before Swine? (If you aren't, I suggest you take a moment to familiarize yourself... it's the best comic since the original Nancy [which really says something about me, doesn't it?]).
I can think of no better way to present these than by simply saying here's part one, here's part two; enjoy!
Have no idea what Pig, Goat, and Rat are talking about?

To quote Paul Harvey: "And now you know... ... the rrrrrresssst of the story."
Am I the only one that thinks of this public service announcement when I hear Revolution 9?...

In keeping with the avant-garde feel of this post, I'm just going to post some stuff that's been floating about in my brain bucket... it most likely will not make any sense, but neither does my brain!

How 'bout a song, and we'll go? Sound good? (You shouldn't scream 'yes' in such a manner, you'll injure yourself.)

Now you can sing this song for days and days... just like I've been!
I've even got my mother singing it... NO ONE IS SAFE!

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)