Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheezy Souvenirs...

Corny souvenirs? I love 'em (I ought to, they're running out my ears)! They're usually vintage, and have lovely illustrations of things like the St. Louis Arch, or Niagara Falls. Ash trays, plates, corn on the cob holders, cigarette cases... but my favorites are the pillows. Sometimes satiny, sometimes velvety, usually fringed, and slowly inherited by folks who could give a rat's arse where Granma Pritchard went "in the good ol' days" (and they're STILL trying to get rid of those holiday slides).
When there's an empty spot in my brain (you should feel ashamed for thinking such things!), I sometimes wonder what the pillows from Graceland might have looked like if the trend had continued that long.
Probably something like this!
That's right, ladies and germs, for a mere $29.95 you can have the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback special pillow! But wait! That's just the FIRST in the series! Keep paying, and you'll also get the SECOND in the series, Aloha From Hawaii! WHAT A DEAL!
Oh. Em. GEE!
This is almost as good as the Bionic Ear!
I haven't much room to make fun, after all, I proudly display my Graceland souvenir... a replica of his stained-glass peacocks...
Yeah, that!

How about a slideshow (you thought I'd never ask)?
Pillows from some of my favorite places we've been to...

Hell, if we're talking Graceland and Elvis and that,
we need MUSIC fer cryin' out loud!
This is playing on the headset as you drive through
the famous gates of Graceland...

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)