Saturday, October 24, 2009

Turn Right On Willow Valley...

Well, we are no longer in Lamar, although we shall remember out time there fondly.
There was the statue, the hotel, the housing development where every street was named the same thing. As we drove through it, I thought of this...

Lamar, we shall remember you fondly!
Now, yesterday and today, we've been in the Colorado Springs area, and it's been lovely. Helen Hunt Falls is still beautiful this time of year (there was even a little bit of snow on the ground!), and The Leprechaun Shoppe has always been a favorite stop (besides, we needed more decaf Barry's!)
Why do I mention these things to you? Well, from Lamar to Colorado Springs, I got to listen to more Beatles Remasters! (Hey, I heard that groan of agony!)
On the chopping block tonight, the Mono Masters, and Abbey Road.
Abbey Road, Let It Be, and Past Masters (it's like Mono Masters, but in stereo, meaning that the singles recorded in stereo are included here) are the only stereo releases I have, and I was chomping at the bit to get hold of one, and compare it to mono (that, and I had to see if that wave effect was just my imagination, or if it was actually there. It was, of course, my imagination). It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but I don't know that I'd want the other albums in stereo. To know that you have the Holy Grail in Beatledom (mono, of course) makes you rather fond of what you've got.
The Abbey Road Medley just about blew my Beatle boots off (yes, I actually wear Beatle boots, and was at the time), and I suggest that, if you're a fan, you pick up a copy.
With Mono Masters, I was gobsmacked. As a public service, I'm half tempted to burn several copies of this and just pass them out to people who would appreciate them (stocking stuffers! Christmas is only two months away!). To hear such intricate details that were covered up for over forty years is mind blowing. You think you know "The Inner Light"? Guess again. What about the "Paperback Writer/Rain" single? You've never even heard them before. It's an interesting story about that single, which I won't bore you with here (stop cheering!), but here's the Wikipedia link if you care to do some extra curricular reading.
Enough twaddle, let's get to some music, a'ready!
First up, one of Paul's late-60's rockers... from Abbey Road, it's "Oh! Darling"

Did you forgive him for something that never happened? I did.

Before we start this song, I think it would be a good idea if you washed your hands, since you'll have to shove your eyeballs back into your skull after you hear it.
Prepare yourself, it's "Paperback Writer"!

As an aside, a big thank you goes out to my lovely sister for the sweet birthday wishes (both on her blog, and Facebook)... even from 300 miles away, you manage to make me feel loved on my "special day", so thanks, kiddo!
And a happy birthday to May Pang as well! I suggest you pick up her latest book, Instamatic Karma, it's full of gear photos from John's "Lost Weekend".

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