Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Johnny's Birthday!

I've missed quite a lot of things I had every intention of making a blog post about (Banned Books Week, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Edgar Allen Poe's deathday, just to name a few), but I sure wasn't going to miss this one!
When this day rolls around, I like to take a few minutes to remember a truly enigmatic man (no, not John O'Hurley).
On this date, in 1940, during a German air raid on Liverpool, wee little John Winston Ono Lennon was born (and quickly stashed under a hospital bed for safekeeping).

Let's take the opportunity to enjoy his art...

...his music...

...and his unique sense of humor...

And now, a small autobiography...

About The Awful
I was bored on the 9th of Octover 1940 when, I believe, the Nasties were still booming us led by Madalf Heatlump (Who only had one). Anyway they didn't get me. I attended to varicous schools in Liddypol. And still didn't pass - much to my Aunties supplies. As a member of the most publified Beatles my and (P, G, and R's) records might seem funnier to some of you than this book, but as far as I'm conceived this correction of short writty is the most wonderfoul larf I've ever ready.
God help and breed you all.

Happy 69th, Darlin'!

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