Sunday, October 18, 2009

He's The Chief And We Are Hailing...

I get a thrill of excitement when I walk into a museum and hear this tune...

As you may have guessed, we spent a few days down in the Hill Country, where we had oodles of fun... a small rundown (sorry, no pictures. Oh sure, pretend you're upset, I'll wait).
We went back to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum while down in Austin. My, it's changed in nine years! So has the LBJ National Historic Park, AKA, The Texas White House. Now that Lady Bird's crossed over, the house is open for tours, which was a total blast (only the office, informal living room, dining room, and kitchen are open thus far). When Mama, Ginger and I went nine years ago, we went on a little bus tour, and the only time we were allowed out of the bus was at the barn, where the President's saddle, branding iron, cattle prod, boots, et al were displayed. Well, this time, it was a self guided automobile tour (and the aforementioned tack are no longer there, I'm sorry to say). We walked along the Pedernales River in front of the house, and around his property in various other places. You leave with a better appreciation of the man after strolling about his ranch, it was a wonderful experience.
Mama and I always like to play along Congress Avenue while we're in the Capitol City (which was the clue in the previous post), and before we knew it, it was already time to come home!
Along the way, we stopped off at the Fredericksburg Trade Days, and no trip to Fredericksburg is complete without a detour at Rustlin' Rob's (their blackberry preserves are to die for!).

No time to rest, because tomorrow afternoon, we're headed off on another adventure!
We're going to Colorado State's entertainment capitol, Lamar!
Wish us luck!
And now, I leave you with this song, in honor of President Johnson...

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