Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pictures Of Lilly

There I was, standing at one of my bedroom windows yesterday, when I saw a most peculiar sight. As I pulled up the shades, my eyes were assaulted by a giant white something in our back yard. The mixture of the bright whiteness and the intense sunshine made me question what I was seeing.
Yet, plain as day, little white flowers had bloomed all over our pear tree; further investigation revealed that green had appeared in some patches of the lawn, birds were singing, and the general feeling of spring hung in the air. Also, it was so damned hot, I thought I was going to be reduced to a puddle on the floor. Any temperature over 77 degrees, and I start melting.

Now, this is still about two weeks too early for spring to have sprung, but I don't think nature is keeping track of the calendar anymore.
With that said, I went out and took some pictures.

While we were out there, Lilly decided that she wanted to model for me. Am I going to turn down the most beautiful girl in the world? No.

Did you enjoy the pictures of Lilly?
How about this, instead?

While we're on the subject of awesome music (because I can turn any conversation around to it, eventually), how excited are we for Miles Kane's Record Store Day EP?
Well, I am.
The first single was played on BBC Radio 1 yesterday, and it sounds gear.

So, here we all sit. Short pants, short sleeves, and -- quite obviously -- short attention spans.

It's the heat.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)