Tuesday, October 9, 2012

International "John Lennon Is Awesome" Day

Every October 9th since this blog's creation, we have taken time out of whatever schedules we're juggling to pay tribute to the one and only John Ono Lennon on his date of birth. The last couple of years, this has proven somewhat difficult: in 2009, there was a short but sweet gloss over some creative points; 2010 was a huge Lennon milestone, and gave everyone a better chance to celebrate John's many facets; 2011 talked about how this day has spawned numerous events worldwide. The question now stands at what can be said for 2012? Everything has been rehashed so many times that fact and fiction blur into an urban legend of mythic proportion.
To that end, as with everything I do surrounding John, I say we keep it simple.
Have some beautiful clips of a beautiful person.

Also keep in mind that Yoko will light the Imagine Peace Tower at three o'clock Central Time today.

My guy is seventy-two! I can't believe how quickly these years have gone; I hope there will be so many more that we can hardly stand it. My dear, thank you for everything then, now, always, no matter what; quite simply, you're the best, and we all know it. You know that every year I say it, and every year I do it: raise your teacups to toast the birthday boy!

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