Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blog Casserole: Wayne Bought Some Noodles For The Raccoons In The Sink

Maybe you've noticed (or not, since the rest of you have lives) that this slice of the Webbynet has been conspicuously silent over the last five weeks.
That's because I have been dealing with some very unreasonable people in a pleasantly brief summer class. With my final assignment submitted, I am back to my crazy little self, and my crazy little blog.
With that said, let's talk about some things that have happened in the last month.

*So, this Olympics thing is going on, apparently. I really wouldn't know, as I lost all interest in the affair after Paul closed the Opening Ceremony.

Have you seen the footage of Liverpool Street Station from that night? It's pretty awesome...

So is this video from earlier this week...

Speaking of the Opening Ceremony, can I say publicly that NBC's coverage really sucked? 'Cause it did. Not only did they cut half of the Arctic Monkeys set, they also completely removed Frank Turner's appearance. Way to go, NBC; you effectively took out the best non-Paul parts of the entire ceremony.
While we're on this subject, you would be surprised how many variations on the Band Olympics I've seen in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for stealing my blog post, people.

*I had a major Anachronism Moment last week. My mother was on indefinite hold with someone or other, and the wait music was Lady Gaga -- not corny elevator music, but Lady Gaga. I tried not to let it bother me, but it kinda sorta did, just a little, maybe. It caused me to do some digging for one of my favorite things from my not-so-distant childhood. I eventually found it; a music box that you would put a telephone receiver on to trigger the spinny wheely thingy, and it would play for about a minute before you had to wind it up again. Mine still works; it plays "Love Story"...

It raises an irritating question: why on earth would you make Lady Gaga your hold music? I mean, I know not everyone is going to make the "Love Story" music box their standard, but if I wanted to be reminded that "Bad Romance" was a mega-hit, I would have looked elsewhere; specifically, the 3:05 timestamp ...

(Rumor has it their new album already has a name, Don't Panic, and will be released October 9th; I've already preordered two copies, you should, too!)

*Surely I'm not the only person on the planet that hates the YouTube ads, right? You're just trying to load a stupid video, why would you want to listen to some moron talk about Internet Explorer, chewing gum, Visa Cards, or whatever they're peddling these days. Since our internet is so obnoxiously slow in Hickville, the little "Skip Ad" banner button loads before the ad itself; when I know an ad is coming, I go to another tab until my five seconds are up and I can skip that bitch.
I was minding my own business one night, propped up in bed, three o'clock in the morning, no lights on, trying to load something (bets on whether it was for the blog? No?). I see that an ad is about to start, so I go to a different tab to occupy my brain until it's over. As I'm looking at this new tab, I hear something familiar coming through the headphones, and I immediately begin looking for it. It's not until the ad is half over that I realize it's my YouTube tab, and that... well, look for yourself...

So, apparently, these speakers are so awesome, you'll turn into chocolate when you plug in your genericly-termed-so-they-don't-get-sued-MP3-player. At least, that's what I got out of it. That, and there's finally some kind of international publicity for One Night Only. Who wants to start the slow clap?

One thing is certain: this ad is a helluva lot funnier...

And this one just feels like it needs to be here, because I love it...

OK, I'm good now, let's move on.

*Fall TV is going to start soon! There are some things I'll be keeping a keen eye on in the next couple of months, especially my returning stories.
Community starts October 19th...

Downton Abbey airs in September...
Justice for Mr. Bates!

Parade's End looks like it'll be pretty gear...

And we all know I watch Fresh Meat for Jack Whitehall's character...

JP and Howard were the only two characters that showed any growth in the first season, so I want to see what direction they've taken with them.

*More exciting than Fall television are Fall/Winter tour dates.
Yes, they did.

I have terrible anxiety issues regarding general ticket sales. Public sales are actually ten times more scary to me than presales. So, I did the only natural thing left: I supersleuthed presale codes. We've all been on the wrong end of a presale (Paul opening The Joint in Vegas immediately comes to mind), yet it was imperative to my survival to get presale. I may have had to buy a fanclub membership for a code, but it was worth the few extra bucks to not have to wait three days.
Except I'm not gunna sell my dog; not like anybody else would put up with her quirks, since she's been with me for nine years, and has taken on all of my terrible personality traits.

So, I, uh, may have gotten presale for this...
At BOK Center in Tulsa, where we saw Paul!

...and this...
Which is also my album preorder, entry to an album signing, and the possibility of meet and greet.

...and got these on sale...
I'm usually weeping uncontrollably at this point of the production.

I'm buyin' tickets like my sister used to buy shoes! It's bloody awesome!

The only thing I'm not sure about is taking my mother to the All Time Low show. You may remember that I used their live show as an example of what not to take your mother to when I was rationalizing taking her to see The Plain White T's (these references were made on not one, but two occasions). Since presale dates were announced, I've been sitting here thinking "my God, I'm taking my mother to this", with videos not dissimilar to this one flashing in my mind...

I'll say it again: oh my God, I'm taking my mother to this. Have I finally lost my mind?

So, what have we learned from this edition of Blog Casserole?

*The Olympics are ridiculously boring.

*Either you will laugh heartily at a Lady Gaga parody, or the image will scar you for life.

*Advertising can be effective, or it can just confuse the hell out of you.

*Though the odds aren't that great, we can still hold out hope that Community will be extended to a full season.
You're damn right that's Richard Ayoade.

*We get to see LOVE! Since, you know, last time we didn't actually see LOVE, as we were too busy watching other awesome things (and I hear they changed some stuff in the show, so that will be interesting).

*And The Who!

*And All Time Low!

*And I have to be careful not to do this at either concert...

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)