Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Especially Appealing To Those Who Love Their Grandmothers

It was a pretty typical Sunday at Fusspot Farm. We were all properly hyped up on caffeine, enjoying my latest recipe endeavor...
Almond Honey Cookies

...listening to the radio, and, in general, having a swell time.
There I was, browsing the Webbynet, when the thought occurred to me to check my blog statistics for the day (so what, I like to do that once a day, sue me).
Imagine my surprise when I saw this chart...
Side Note: the "Page Views By OS" pie chart looks like Pac Man!

It looked kinda like this...

Judging from the fact that there are eighteen views from the UK, and eighteen views in Internet Explorer, I'm going to assume that you are the same person. I'm totally fine with that, actually; I love that someone found my blog (side note: please, tell me you were the person that searched "kinks village green preservation society t-shirt" to get here), and enjoyed what they read while they were here. I generally try to write my blogs as if I were having a conversation with a single person, rather than going about it thinking that it's open property for anyone on the Internet to find; it seems to have struck a chord in at least one reader, and I greatly appreciate that.
That being said, let's hear it for the 2,361st visitor, lovingly called "Mr. UK"!


This event got me to thinking about first-time readers here; if you are like me, you end up arriving late to every party -- you miss a lot that way, too. I generally take for granted that either a subject will be very specific to what someone is searching for (the "Hipster Versus Anachronism" post is generally what people are here for, and I must formally apologize to them for that someday), or you are one of a very rare breed that actually looks forward to my updates. After thinking about it, though, I see that I have not done anything to aid folk that are trying to familiarize themselves with this slice of the World Wide Time-Suck. I mean, I've thought about opening up comments before, and even having you lovely people ask me questions (kind of like formspring, but not on formspring), but, alas, I have simply not done it. Whether it's lack of inclination, or fear that only my mother will ask me questions, I'm not too sure.
Either way, here are some things that newcomers may like to know.

*I have the cutest children in all of existence; by children, I mean dogs, and a canary.
Stella and Lilly

Nigel, my only fanboy. We have the same music taste -- almost exactly -- but his absolute favorites are Paul, and The Redwalls. He also gets particularly excited when he hears me sing; that's why I call him my fanboy.

*You will discover as you go through the archive (or, as I have called it, "Ricky The K's Solid Gold Time Machine) that I love to talk about music, and that I like to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about (even when I don't, which can sometimes result in my looking like a total ass).

*That being said, I do a lot of fangirling. A. Lot.
Short history of my fangirlyness: I went to my first Paul McCartney concert at age ten, and I've been lost to the world of my gut-reaction emotions ever since (over various things, naturally; I've been nerdy about a lot of drivel over the last, um, decade. Now I feel unnecessarily old. Thanks for that).

*I attend a second-rate community college, which I absolutely despise. It's not even as cool as Greendale.

*You'll also discover that I have a soft spot in my jaded little heart for Great Britain (good news for you, Mr. UK!). I also tend to have a more British sense of humor than an American one, which accounts for my presumed weirdness (what do I mean by "presumed"?).

*As referenced early in this post, I identify as an anachronism. If I didn't think I'd miss cheap pop punk, and the Internet so much, I'd hop into a time machine and head to a simpler era.

I really miss Community, OK? My Thursdays are boring in the show's absence.

*If you really-well-and-true want to see what this blog is all about, I suggest familiarizing yourself with this post. Of the 333 posts I've made since 2008, that one best describes the blog as a whole.

And that's about it, really.
Now, of course, you are free to go about your merry way. I, on the other hand, have to fulfill a long-standing promise to myself: I swore that I would post this content when I used the koala picture.

The joke around the fangirly sites I regularly visit is that a band is not a band until they've been photographed holding a koala.



And, of course, my favorite...

I highlighted some fun ones for me, but, if you want to see more, go here.

We all like legal free music, right? We all like cheap pop punk, right? We all like to support unsigned bands, right? If you answered "hell, yeah!" to any of those questions, get your butt over to, tweet the little message, and get their latest single, "The Reckless And The Brave". This is the third time I've played it in an hour; it's not getting old. Also, God bless the Theory of Twenty-Three.


Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)