Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paul McCartney, Donovan, And... Windows 7 Launch Parties?

Let's do the fun stuff first...
I found this last night and went absolutely nuts for it.
Two of my favorite musicians of all time, Paulie and Donovan, jamming in studio (this really makes me wish I could run Bit Torrent!)... so sit back and enjoy the next fifteen minutes of melodic bliss (and studio banter!).

Oh, and have you heard about this? Let's hope it's true, there wasn't anything released for the US Tour back in '05 (why didn't that happen, MPL?), so a Summer Live '09 album would be gear fab and that.

Moving along (not too soon for you, eh?), have you seen this?

October 22 is going to ROCK.
(In case you didn't know, October 22 is when Windows 7 is being released...)

Oh, parties... what a riot!

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