Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Status : SENT HOME...

Well, ladies and germs, it's Bachelorette season once again (or, as I prefer to call it, Chris Harrison season), and another gem to blog about cropped up in the latest episode. The Bachelorette, the putz, sent home one of my favorite fellers (who was continually screwed from the word go), Brad (sounds like a soap opera!), and in his final interview, made such a sad statement, I told my mother instantly "I have to find that clip for my blog". He did the usual 'why did she keep those bastards, she could have had a good life," blah blah jazz, and then he turns melancholy, hanging his head down and mumbling "nobody will ever relate to me, I think I'll become a drifter", or something to that effect.
Well, I couldn't find that clip. I did, however, find the stuff that was edited out of that final interview, which was much funnier, and shows you the power of editing... enjoy! (You may have to set through an advert, sorry about that.)

In unrelated news, I woke up singing this song... maybe you'll enjoy it, too!
(Pay special attention to how horrible a lip syncher ol' Herb is...)

They never play that song on the radio, I wonder why... it was a #1 in '68. Go figure.

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