Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ringo's Walk Of Fame Starr...

Announced just this fair morn, Ringo Starr will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
Let's break this down.
John has a star, right in front of the Capitol building.
George received his posthumous star earlier this year.
The Beatles have a star near Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
Ringo gets his star in 2010...
Don't make me go into the wonderful things that adorable man has done in his 67 years... I could tick them off for the better part of the afternoon.
Not only that, but fans have been trying to get Paul a star for eons, yet Ringo gets one BEFORE Our Paulie? Preposterous.
That being said, I had to go look up the Walk of Fame Nomination process, just to make sure I wasn't missing some important nugget of information...

All Nominations must include the following documents with the application:

Photo of the nominee
Brief bio of nominee - no more than 5 pages
Nominee’s qualifications
List of contributions to the community and civic-oriented participation
Letter of agreement from the nominee or his/her management

Well, I'd say four of five.
I shall certainly be pondering this conundrum for a while.

In related news (I don't think I've ever used that segway before... add an award!), that lovable genius in question has a birthday today! How often is it we can wish a God of Rock 'N' Roll a happy birthday? (Not too bloody often!)
We expect at least 30 more, OK, Paul?

Post Script...
Happy birthday indeed, Sir! He's playing DC in August?!
Admit it, darlin', you know it's past due for another US Tour, don't you?
Well, for the sake of the lucky bastards in attendance of his "one-off" gigs...

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