Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hellooooooooooo, Precious!

The lasses of Fusspot Farm were squirming with delight and gigglefits this morning.
There was also some very bad dancing...

... yeah, like that.
Just watch...

To which I must say...

Hello, Precious! We'll be seeing you on Sunday, Baby Face.

Once again proving that he could go on stage in a gunny sack and just sit in a chair, and folks would say it was the coolest thing ever.
However, the Baby Face gag is one of my favorites, and I hope he uses it in Glendale... 'cause he IS the Baby Face, mefinks.

Not yet.

Now we're done.
Oh, and congratulations are in order for this, the 199th blog post ('cause celebrating the 200th blog post would just have been too obvious)!

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