Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Essence Of Stevie Wonder Lives Within Me

Last Friday was such a lovely day, mirroring the week that was ending: the sun hid itself behind some beautiful rain clouds; I had the house all to myself for a while, with The Maine on my Bose, my dog in my lap, and a fresh cup of hot tea. The "smashing" end to the afternoon, though, was the awesome bump on my head from where I ran into a door. That was fun.
It was like this, but with less face. I hit my face later, in a totally unrelated incident.

Last week was full of false alarms, though, let me tell you.
On Monday, I woke up and thought it was Bachelorette Monday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I took my finals for the semester, one with the biggest implications since The Algebra Incident (because I know you care).

On Thursday, we got the news that Community was cancelled.
There isn't anyone I would rather have heard that from. Which, I guess, is a good thing, since that's how I found out.

And, Friday, my grandfather flat out told me he thought I was going to be a spinster. Also, I am, apparently, in love with Paul McCartney.

Now that we are almost a week off from these little heart-attack-inducing moments, I can look at them a little more clearly:
*I was only a week off; the Bachelorette started on Monday, people! It looks like it'll be a fun season, too. After all, we wait all year for the Bachelorette! We've been excited about this for over a month. I made butter spritz cookies for the premier.
Unfortunately, due to an accident involving my cookie press, we were deprived of the awesometastic shapes; the satisfaction of saving a disastrous situation came in the form of waxed paper, a rolling pin, and the little screw cap to my now broken press.
Also, I think I need a new cookie press; maybe one with a trigger?
Oooooo, pretty.

*I passed each of my finals with flying colors, thereby maintaining my cumulative 4.0 average.

*Community wasn't cancelled! The next season was shortened to thirteen episodes, and moved from Thursday to Friday (still undecided if that's a death move or not), but it certainly wasn't cancelled; at least it has a chance to have more episodes commissioned, and that's of great importance. Personally, I'd like to see them make it to the hundredth episode mark before they officially got the axe, even though, in an ideal world, the show would live out its lifespan (but that might not happen). Of course, every other American show I've liked in the last ten years was cancelled. And by American shows, I mean Pushing Daisies. I still mourn the loss of my Tuesday date with the inhabitants of Coeur d'Coeurs.
"What Did I Do With My Life Before I Blogged?" fun fact: I visited the actual Pie Hole set while the show was on hiatus. It was awesome.

If Community can't make it on NBC, then maybe a cable station can pick it up (if that's the case, I need to buy one of these before the are unavailable). We can hope so; otherwise, how will I get my Abed fix?

A guy that actually likes to sit in his pajamas, watch British TV, and eat buttered noodles? Where can I download an Abed? This is a serious inquiry.

*And, as far as my grandfather is concerned, I'll just chock it up to his unnecessary need to constantly speak, and age-related senility. I may die alone, but at least I'll have the mono Ram to keep me company on those lonely nights.

Who else took advantage of the lithograph and t-shirt combo? LOVING IT. What, RAM is one of my "Top Five Personal Favorite Albums in the History of Ever"; I'm entitled to get the deluxe fangirl package if I want it.

That, and my kick-ass personal audio settings (so what if I screencapped my personal audio settings; it's my blog, and I can!)...
My computer's speakers are professional grade, but my favorite part about them is that these settings also apply to any headphones/speakers plugged into my machine (read, BOSE). If you could hear music like I do after I made this freaking amazing discovery, you would run out to the nearest Best Buy and get a laptop like mine.

...and, of course, all of you who chose to spend time here. And even those who just type in random awesome things that make me laugh...
I love that someone found my blog by searching for this; I simply had to screencap it.

As for the "essence of Stevie Wonder", I can't really say much; my mother just said it to me. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)