Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Valentines, An Oscar, And Paul

Over the years, we've celebrated Valentine's Day in a couple of different ways.
Back in 2009, it was a rather modest affair; in 2010, we upped the anty, and passed out cyber-cards to some lovely people (and Carl Cameron); last year, we talked about showing people you love them every other ruddy day of the year.
So, all week, I've been asking myself what direction this year's Valentine's post should take (and, more to the point, why I write a post on this day in the first place). Wish me luck, y'all.


I kind of have a habit of playing a stupid little game. Don't tell me you don't play stupid little games, because it's how we all get through the day without violently assaulting innocent bystanders (or is that just me?).
My stupid little game (or, more accurately, one of many) is to pick out uncommon words, and see if I can find them in songs. It started with 'cellophane' in "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", and I've been doing it ever since. With that in mind, here are five songs with the word 'valentine' in them. As an added bonus, 'valentine' is also in the title of each one!

I'm sure there are so many more, but these five were the first to come to mind.
In other news, I got this in my inbox yesterday. I wonder who it's from (can you feel the sarcasm in that sentence?).
Thanks, Ma. He'll always be Oscar to us.

Oscar may be my mother's valentine (or is it Mr. Bates/Timmons?), but we all know mine.
Have a good one, folks!

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