Saturday, February 19, 2011

Black Outs, The River Walk, And The Grammys Finally Got It Right!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my first evening off in nearly two months.
Ryan Ross is rockin' the Bose, I've got my hot tea on the hot plate (yeah, I keep my cuppa on a hot plate, 'cause I'm ruddy awesome), I've got a puppy in my lap, and life is generally fab.
Of course, we had a full blown power outage throughout the neighborhood last night.
There we were, watching the Duchess Of Duke Street (again, 'cause we're awesome), minding our own business, and the entire neighborhood goes dark.
I, naturally, felt it was an occasion to take a couple of shots.
These were the two that didn't come out blurry.


There, now, wasn't that fun?
Reginald Kitty is not amused.

I don't feel bad about talking about our vacation now.
We packed up the Golden Egg (it's what I call our car) and boogied our butts down to San Antonio, just because it's such a freaking awesome place to go.
I've been to San Antonio many times over the last ten years or so, but I love to keep going back; the River Walk, the downtown square, the Alamo, and, let us not forget, the bestest Half-Price Books in South Texas (the stats, by number only, ended up at 27 books, the complete Jeeves and Wooster, 2 corny BBC mini-series, the best of the Match Game, The Tomorrow Show, and 3 tote bags). Now, of course, we have a new "local", but we'll talk about that after you watch the slide show.
And, to answer the question in your brain, but you feel too guilty to actually ask, it's a very long slide show. San Antonio is one of my favorite places to take photographs, so I burn up the pixels.

I think the most fun we had on the trip was on the River Walk; at least, that's where the majority
of those pictures came from, anyway.
(As an aside, I feel we were very lucky to have been there on an overcast day; not only do I
wither in the sun [yes, even winter sun is irksome to me], but I love to take advantage of the filtered sunlight
when taking pictures. It's a thing for me.)
Since this was really the first opportunity we had ever gotten just to walk the
River, we walked our little buns off.
I mean we walked about four miles of the arts district of the River Walk.
While there, we stumbled upon the Southwest School Of Art, and I was instantly,
as I said at the time, "besotted" (what a fab, underused word).
We also stopped in at the Hard Rock Cafe, where this photo may or may not have gotten sneaked in.
Keep rockin', Pete. Just keep rockin'.

Highlights from the trip include:

Our new "local", a pub called the Lion and Rose, was primarily the menu of choice.
On rare occasion can I go to a restaurant, and be struck with a bout of indecision regarding what to order.
So many choices, so little time!
We were also exposed to live Rugby matches, which has proven to be quite the
source of entertainment for my mother and I.
Neither of us are by any means in that Nick Hornby danger territory...

but we enjoyed what we saw.
And, yes, I'm well aware that the sport in the film was football, but we're allowed to illustrate our point
without having to match up every little line, aren't we?
At least I didn't use the American trailer, that's one's Baseball...

Hey, it's my blog, and I can. By the way, if you've never seen this film, I feel incredibly sorry for you.
Go. Watch.

Funniest Moment - When, during the Morning Express show on HLN,
the review of Justin Bieber's film came on, and they played a bit of one of his songs.
My mother, bless, said "I thought that was Lady Gaga!"
I nearly wet myself laughing.

WTF Moment - We pull up next to a car that's just blasting some terrible rap.
My dad flags me down, like he does if he wants to say something to me when I have my fantabulous
noise canceling Bose headphones on (ALLAN!),
and asks me if "that rap" is mine.
Apparently nineteen years isn't long enough to know somebody without having to ask
them if the rap is theirs.
And, apparently, this - which I KNOW he couldn't hear through the Bose,
'cause I've tested it - sounds like rap to him.

Voted, at the time, to be the best non-Paul McCartney song of the summer of 2007.
Yes, we were a strange lot, even then.
Oh, and SPEAKING of Our Paulie,
congratuwelldone to the most adorable man on the planet for winning his first
solo Grammy in thirty-nine years!
This face deserves a Grammy, and a cuddle.

I would like to point out two things.
First, check out that fret board at the 2:13 time stamp.
Second, the communication between Paul and Abe (the drummer)
at the end of EVERY song
(fast forward to the 4:20 time stamp), goes a little like this.
I'm glad they showed it, because it simply fascinates me.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)