Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bachelor Monday (It's A Snow Day)

Well, another Monday has come and gone.
I tend to get a little sad at the end of a Monday, only because it's another week until it comes around again.
Sound pathetic? Psychotic?
But Bachelor Monday only comes around every seven days!
Bachelor Monday (it's a fun day!) is a very big deal around our house.
The evening starts at seven o'clock, and has been known to stretch past midnight.
It's like this every Monday.

See this? This is the sign that another Bachelor Monday has successfully been wrapped up.
So what? I bake, and cook a meat-free dinner every Monday night. It's tradition! Tonight's Meat-Free Monday treat was meatless stroganoff. Tasty!

Of course, the end of Bachelor Monday was much less depressing, since we also had Sunday night's finale of Downton Abbey.
How about that Miss O'Brian? We at Fusspot Farm are convinced she'll kill herself in series two. As for Thomas, I hope his eventual demise is slow and cruel; there must be justice for Mr. Bates! We are also glad that Edith got what was coming to her. And what is to come of Cousin Matthew and his mother? If you didn't watch it, this won't make sense. If you did, you'll probably agree, and draw some similarities between Mary and Katherine in Wuthering Heights. Am I alone in that one?

I have to say, I have enjoyed Dame Maggie Smith more than anything about the series. I haven't enjoyed a performance from her so much since I saw The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie...
She's one of the few contemporaries (I say few, really it's only Smith and Dame Helen Mirren) to Dame Judi Dench, whom I love to bits.

You can imagine, then, that with Bachelor Monday AND the season finale of Downton Abbey, the lack of awesome forthcoming television was beginning to sink in.
That is, until SNOW distracted all of that glum-glummery from our brainboxes.
Photos, naturally.



Of course, since our very old house still has it's original aluminum windows, and my bedroom is on the North side of our house, I'm in for a very chilly night.
All six windows in my room, and the one in my bathroom, look very similar to this.
Yes, that ice is on the inside of the window.

You may notice that these windows are very close to my bed.
Yes, I have giant Paul McCartney posters in my room, 'cause I'm cool like that.

It is currently fifty-five degrees in said room; I'm in for a very chilly night, indeed.

*Tuesday Morning Update!

I awoke this fair morn to find feathery ice on my office windows.
It looked like this...

Yeah, that's on the inside, too.

So, here I sit, happily sipping my cider...
...checking news updates, when I happen across a status update from my mother on Facebook. I quote "...likes One Night Only, and 9 other pages."
I blame this on the lad at the restaurant we picked up a quart of cole slaw at last weekend.
I sat in the car and waited while mother went for the salad. When she got back in the car, she said, "you should have gone in with me! There was a guy that looked just like that one guy in that British band that you blogged about. He was cute!"
After an incredulous look from me, she said, "I may be old, but I'm not blind!"
Well, here's to you, Mr. Craig.
They say things go better with Coke...

So, here I sit, firm in my belief that this was a fabulous start to a very busy week.

Why so busy, you may well ask?
Here's a clue...

I've been waiting to use this video for months. Never fear, I shall be using it again. It's my blog, and I can!

What about that golden shot at the forty-eight second timestamp... look familiar?
Like I told my mother just this afternoon: it's so refreshing to see folks that subscribe to my brand of crazy.

Reginald Kitty believes my life is boring. After reading this post, I must concur.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)