Monday, October 25, 2010

Falling In Love With Fall

Fall. Autumn. The season of color. That there time of year what makes everything kinda crunchy. However you think of this season, it somehow always brings up memories of warmth and joy; anticipation for the holidays and winter ahead, while the parade of changing leaves drift downward onto the once-green ground. The ones that manage to escape your feet and get crunched into pieces flutter on a cool breeze, scattering the yard with a carpet of browns and yellows, mixed with an occasional red here and there.
Yes, it's a magical time of year.
Somehow, in our neck of the woods, we've managed to practically skip it.
This makes me very sad.
I have been tracking the progression of our cottonwood tree daily, looking for signs of "peak"; it should have already hit peak, but noooooo. Not this year. Hell, that thing should be totally bald by now. At any rate, the past week has been very promising; I would wake up every morning, walk into the office with my giant mug of Jiffy Juice (i.e., TEA, dammit!), look up at that tree while the stupid Vista start music permeated the wallpaper...

(just like every morning, really), and think 'not today, maybe tomorrow'.
Well, this afternoon, as I sat at Command Central (AKA, my side of the desk... I call it Command Central because I have control of the Bose)...
This is Command Central; I do everything but my personal projects (wordplay, stories, et al) here, including write all of the blogs! This is where the magic happens, baby. Please note the solar "waving Queen" next to the Bose, and the "any government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you've got" plaque.

...I watched as the wind blew a good portion of the leaves I have so patiently been watching over right off the tree, and all around our court yard. The further on the afternoon wore, the leaves really started to pile up on the ground, and the cottonwood was getting noticeably thinner.
Either I was going to take my pictures today, or that tree would be, as we say in these here parts, 'nekkid', and void of most of it's color.
So, for your pleasure and mine, here's what's left of the color on our cottonwood tree ('cause our other trees are still green, for heaven's sake, green. It's weird.)...

Now that the sun has gone down, it's started to sprinkle outside, and it's getting quite cool very quickly.
And as I say it, I have hit the bottom of my cuppa, and it's just perfect weather for a topper.
So, let's all go and enjoy this beautiful weather, our tea, and a song!

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