Sunday, July 4, 2010

We The People Of The United States...

It's that time of year again, folks; time for going out to buy explosives, setting your back yard on fire (that actually happened at our house one year, but it was small, and we dealt with it), getting eaten up by vampiric insects and dealing with screaming children whilst trying to enjoy a display of larger fireworks... you know, the ones you couldn't afford when you talked to the firecracker display man.
Have you guessed it?
It's the Fourth of July!
Lilly, watching the local fireworks display from our front yard last night.

For a majority of the country, this is a day to celebrate our nation's independence from those silly limeys... an occasion on which to drink, blow stuff up, and light up the grill...
Remember, all burgers are not created equally.

For others, it offers a chance to reflect on what a great nation we were... um, are.

For the lasses at Fusspot Farm, it merely means we're closer to this...

However you choose to celebrate today, be safe, and remember the real reason for the celebrations.
Happy Glad We Aren't Still Britain Day (but that doesn't mean we can't love them oodles and bunches)!

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