Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Love Knows No Bounds

If you don't want to read through an entire music nerd post, I suggest you leave now.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Are you ready now?

We're talking Paul in this post.
Yep. Paul. That adorable, wonderful, blessing-from-the-highest-of-powers Paul. The Precious. The musical love of my life. Paul.

I don't know what to say, really; this is such a difficult subject.
Before I say anything, just know this: my family is totally insane.
Here's my best shot.

Paul. Vegas. June 10th.
We're there.

Here's the story.
The rumor mill has been buzzing around a Vegas show since Thanksgiving, so I've been watching intently. With recent announcements for South American dates, the Vegas rumors cooled off, until just a few days ago. Somebody heard from somebody, from somebody, the telephone game, et al, that something was going to happen June 10th, at the MGM in Las Vegas.
This information matched up with prior rumors, so I thought nothing of it until evidence started to explode right before our very eyes over this past week.
At first, I took this practical proof that the show was going to happen as evidence that Paul was planning something else stateside (my theory at the moment is that he'll head up Seattle way this summer), so I would keep my eyes open.
I shared this information with my mother, and my entire universe snowballed into the stressful event of Paul McCartney pre-sale.
After a lot of high tension kerfuffle (some words were said, and I hope my mother doesn't remember them), and some Buford common sense, we have secured FABULOUS tickets, and a hotel reservation.
I Google Image'd "excitement", and this came up.
I suppose this is accurate.

So, that's been my morning.
I realize, of course, that unless you have been through a Paul pre-sale, you cannot understand the experience. If you have been through a Paul pre-sale, you will understand the... well, it. Words do not express what pre-sale is like. I know, I've tried in the past. You may remember the Paul-ticipation post from last June, which is the closest I've ever gotten to coherent speaking on such matters.
If I can't explain it, why am I writing a post about it?
So I can use this picture again.
Sweet lizard with an afro, I LOVE THIS MAN.

This is really a huge stretch for us right now, but we're going for it.
After all, it's Paul McCartney!
This is not an accurate expression of all the looooooove in this house right now.

Now, excuse me while I collapse.

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