Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Could Dye Your Socks In It

I know for you "normal" people, this post is a wee bit premature; in our family, though, we're right on schedule!

That's right, Thanksgiving is upon us once again.
I have always kind of enjoyed this holiday, regardless of the fact that it's an entire day set aside for the sole purpose of eating (and, let's be honest, I don't really like to eat, it's just something that has to be done). Today and Christmas are the only two holidays the Buford family really celebrates (and, let's be honest again, that's the side of the family I like), and always make a point to get together for; it's a rather strange feeling having all of the people you genuinely like in one place.

One thing I don't look forward to, though, is "Black Friday", AKA, the day we start decorating for Christmas.

And, of course, the music; but that's a whole different story, saved for another day.
As an aside, here's another take on the holiday decorating season.

Reginald Kitty is not amused.

In the meantime, kick back with some football...

...and have a lovely Thanksgiving! Try not to burn the house down or anything, OK?

Reginald Kitty is skeptical of your cooking abilities.

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